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意力音箱 SUB 3070低音炮


The Adante SUB3070 delivers a colossal 1,200 Watts of BASH amplifier power to dual 12-inch Aluminum Sandwich drivers, configured in an opposing configuration. Advanced Bluetooth® control, DSP and Auto EQ let you operate this no-compromise subwoofer from your smartphone. A steel base and included floor spikes ensure optimum performance. Gloss Black, gloss white and rosewood veneer finishes are available.
**A Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy Android or IOS device is required to set up and operate this subwoofer.


音箱类型: Powered subwoofer, sealed box

低音单元: 2 x 12” Aluminum sandwich cone

频率响应: 18 to 180 Hz

分频点: 40 to 150 Hz, continuously adjustable

功放类型: BASH-Tracking

最大功放功率: 1,200 Watts

蓝牙节能控制: App Controlled with Auto EQ

DSP: Yes

待机功率: 1 Watt

最大功率: 1,800 Watts (full load)

输入: 2 x line-channel (XLR); 2 x line-channel (RCA); 3 x Speaker level

无线功能: Receiver Built-in

箱体外观: High gloss black, High Gloss White, Dark Rosewood Veneer

附件: AC power cable

高度: 17.13 in / 435 mm

宽度: 20.39 in / 517.8 mm

深度: 18.75 in / 476.3 mm

净重: 77 lbs / 35 kg


服务热线: 400-8228-400