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意力音箱 MRC701唱盘机


ELAC Miracord 70 – the next stage of the vinyl comeback. The new Miracord 70 sees ELAC expand its turntable offering and embark on the next stage of its successful return to the world of vinyl.
The solid MDF plinth with a high-gloss black finish provides a strong foundation. A belt-driven sub-platter, powered by an extremely smooth synchronous motor by Premotec, supports the 2.6 kg platter made of glass. A black ceramic coating on the underside of the platter gives it a dark translucent appearance that accentuates its three-dimensional form. Combined with a point mounting system that uses a ceramic ball

as a central element, like the one on the Miracord 90, the overall structure ensures exceptionally smooth running and outstanding immunity

to external influences.



Height x Width x Depth: 140 x 465 x 365 mm

Weight: 11 Kg

Cartridge: AT95E by audio-technica®

Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Tracking force: 2,0 ± 0,5 g, 20 ± 5 mN

DC resistance: 400 ohms ± 20 %

Coil impendance: 1 kohms ± 20 % at 1 kHz

Recommended Load: 47 kohms

Output voltage: 3,5 mV

Channel separation: > 20 dB

Selectable speeds: 33 – 45 U/min

Outputs: 2 goldplated RCA connectors, gold-plated ground connector

Power supply: 24 V AC, 6 VA

Finishes: Black High Gloss Decor


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